Merry Christmas from All of Us at Vermont Bedrooms!

Hi! Murray here.

We at Vermont Bedrooms all want to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas! And, don’t forget to make sure you get yourself to sleep really early on Christmas Eve so that Santa delivers all your presents on time. You don’t want to make Santa angry, do you?

If I can make a suggestion: to help you get to sleep, and avoid a stocking full of coal, why not get yourself to Vermont Bedrooms a few days earlier and buy a new mattress? Or, order one through our website? There’s nothing like a new mattress to give yourself a fantastic night’s sleep.

And, let’s face it…you’ve been really good all year and a new mattress makes the perfect Christmas present to yourself. So does a new sports car but we at Vermont Bedrooms would really rather you buy a new mattress. So, please do that.

Again, we all wish you a very special, safe, healthy and merry Christmas!