What Color Should You Paint Your Bedroom for a Great Night’s Sleep?

While a comfortable and supportive mattress is the most important item in your bedroom to promote a great night’s sleep, there are other factors that come into play as well. We’ve covered bedroom room temperature before.

But, what about the color of your bedroom? Is there an ideal color to promote sleep? What are the effects on sleep from different room colors?

There has been a lot of research done on the effects of colors on the psyche. Research, not only by scientists but by corporate interests such as paint manufacturers and the hotel industry.

A poll conducted by Travelodge found that people who paint their bedroom brown, gray or purple are the least to get a full night’s sleep. On the other hand, people who paint their bedrooms blue, yellow or green are likely to get the best night’s sleep.

So, What Color Should Your Bedroom Be?

While general personal color preference (your favorite color) should be taken into consideration, there are definite psychological effects by colors on the quality of your sleep. Here is a short rundown on the effects of many colors:


Blue generally has a calming effect on most people and is a favorite color for many bedrooms. It sooths the mind and promotes physical relaxation. It’s a great choice for bedrooms that are in warmer climates because of the psychological cooling it provides. A blue colored room slows human metabolism a bit and suppresses appetite, as well as reduces blood pressure and heart rate.


Green is the most popular bedroom color. This color is the easiest to decorate around while providing a calming sensation. We tend to associate green with nature and natural landscapes, providing a psychological break from the hustle and bustle of our daily routine.


Should you paint your bedroom yellow? Yellow certainly promotes a strong emotional response and is often used to grab attention, for instance, in advertising, sports, traffic applications and more. But, yellow can be a soothing and cheerful color in the bedroom as long as it is used as a smaller accent.


Is red a good choice for a bedroom? It can be. Yes, we all know red is a very bold and emotionally intense color. We associate red with passion and love. Red actually helps to promote appetite which is why many restaurants color their dining rooms in red. But, while a red color can be all of the above, the color will darken and deepen more than others when you dim the lights. So, don’t be afraid to look into painting your bedroom red or to look into that color when using it as an accent to add contrast to certain items, such as bedding.


Black is a very bold choice in bedroom color. It works great to cover up imperfections and promote a sense of confidence, elegance and formality. Black is a timeless color but it is best used as an accent to balance other bold colors in the bedroom.


Orange for a bedroom? Well, it does have a warming psychological effect and creates a tropical, refreshing sleep space for many people. Not a color for everyone, it does communicate a free spirit and creativity and is best used as an accent color.


A white colored bedrooms evokes crisp purity in one’s sleep environment. It reminds us of a clean environment and is why many hotels and hospitals choose to use white as a wall color. White also serves as a great blank canvas to feature other colors as accents.


While not a common choice for a bedroom color, purple does have a calming effect, especially if muted down. Many people find purple to be a romantic color for a bedroom. Again, a subdued shade is the way to go.

Even More Important…The Mattress

Naturally, the color of your bedroom isn’t the only thing affecting the quality of your sleep, but it helps. The most important thing that affects your night’s sleep is the quality of your mattress. And, that’s where Vermont Bedrooms can help. Feel free to take a look through our selection of great quality mattresses in this website or if you’re in the area, please feel free to stop in to our physical store in Rutland, Vermont. We would love to consult with you in person.