Happy Labor Day From Vermont Bedrooms!

Hey, listen up! Murray here. All of us here at Vermont Bedrooms wish you all a very happy and relaxing Labor Day.

Labor day was made into a holiday a whole bunch of years ago to celebrate the American laborer (that’s you!) and the positive results workers bring to this great country of ours. And, let’s not kid ourselves, it also celebrates that new barbecue grill you just bought and never told your spouse how much you really spent on. And a celebration of those burgers and beverages you’ll be enjoying.

So, anyway, Labor Day is coming up soon. And, also as a celebration of how hard you’ve been working, remember to get some great rest on that new mattress you’ll be getting a great deal on at Vermont Bedrooms. We’re located at
 159 US Route 4 East, Rutland Town, Vermont 05701. If you want to speak with us (during business hours, please), feel free to call us at 1-800-520-BEDS (2337) .

Happy Labor Day!