Dealing With the New Normal

Yeah, it’s been rough. Not just for us at Vermont Bedrooms but for a lot of businesses, big and small, around Vermont.

We’ve been getting through the best we can, of course. My boss Bill Beanland and the crew have all been doing everything in their power to get through what has become something of a new normal. For a while, we were closed…then we were not…and you can read some of my posts about that here, here and here.

We are lucky to have a great website that kept some business coming through and we had the whole curbside pickup thing happening. Then, we opened the showroom again and have been trying to make our guests feel comfortable by making things safe around here for them.

But, there is a really great online article by VPR (Vermont Public Radio in case you don’t know) about our (and others’) adventures regarding this pandemic ordeal. When you get a chance (like right now is probably a good time), browse on over to this link to read (and listen to) the article:

And, once you’re done enjoying that, why not stop by the store in person? We’re located at 159 US Rte 4 East, Rutland Town, Vermont. We’ll be happy to get all your mattress and bedroom furniture needs squared away.

And no matter what the “new normal” is for us, one thing that was always true and will always be normal for us, is the way we take care of our customers. See you soon!